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Santa concedes that he knows who the world’s most beloved Reindeer is. He also feels that the world knows very little about the rest of his team. In this beautifully illustrated, rhythmic tale, Santa narrates the back-story for the original eight Reindeer. Albert gives different personalities to Dancer, Prancer, Comet, Cupid, Vixen, Blitzen, Donner, and Dasher. It is always amazing to observe how a parent can see the personality from one Reindeer in a child when he or she gravitates more towards another one. Come learn a little more about Santa’s delivery team so that you may choose your 2nd Favorite Reindeer.
Dasher is all about speed.  He is Santa’s fastest reindeer and the one that the Jolly Old Elf depends on to make sure that toys get to all of the good boys and girls by Christmas morning.
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Dancer is the North Pole’s original party animal.  He has been known to turn any small gathering to an epic blast.  Santa knows which Reindeer to call on when it’s time to let the good times roll.
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Prancer is a daredevil with nerves of steel.  No blizzard or snowstorm has ever been strong enough to scare him.  Santa knows that there is never a dull moment when Prancer is near.
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Vixen is a combination of a beautiful mind, a strong heart, and a will to win.  She helps Santa set goals for the team and pushes the other reindeer to achieve them.  She had been challenged by several other reindeer her for her spot on the team. She has easily defeated all competitors.
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Comet is the biggest and the strongest reindeer on Santa’s delivery unit.  He is the voice of reason and the keeper of the peace.  Everyone at the North Pole knows that they can count on him to be fair and honest.
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Cupid is a Reindeer with many talents.  Most people think that he is charming and a joy to be around.  Santa chose him because of his ability to help reindeer with strong personalities get along and make them feel like a team.
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Donner is the leader of Santa’s sleigh.  The other members know that the sky is the limit as long as he is leading the way.  He inspires his teammates to achieve goals that they never imagined were possible.
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Blitzen is the smartest of the reindeer.  He is always coming up with awesome ideas for new toys and how to make good toys better.  He also helps Santa keep track of all the good boys and girls.
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